Thule Gesellschaft Rising

Living and Dead Rising

June 21, 2014 – Naperville Hospital, Naperville IL

Everyone wakes up and meet each other in the ICU of Naperville Hospital. While the rest of the group searches the ICU room for supplies, the marine begins searching hospital ICU nurses station and discovers one dead soldier against one side of the counter, killed by a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head. Further searching of the area he discovers the bodies of two patients with multiple gun shot wounds to the body and head, but mysteriously lacking any blood pool around the body. The search of the ICU leads to the discovery of some useful supplies, a few medications, several bottles of water, a Colt M1911A1 pistol and a Mossberg M590A1 shotgun, though no ammunition was discovered in the ICU area for either of the two weapons.

After completing the search of the ICU, the group proceeds to check the ICU doctor’s offices, janitor’s closet, and staff break area. In one of the offices, a news paper is discovered with a front page headline “THE DEAD WALK”, no one believes the headline is correct looking for more natural explanations, such as drugs or bath salts. Mary keeps the paper. The group is able to find scrubs and clothing to replace their hospital gowns, though many in the group remain without shoes. The group was able to get matches, junk food, nuts and granola bars in the break room, medical files and doctor’s notes in several of the offices, though no one can find anything useful in the material, a Fire Ax is discovered in emergency fire station near the stairwell. Another disturbing find by the marine, a trail of bodies of more patients and staff who look to have be shot by the earlier discovered shotgun. He is unable to piece together what happened, the dead are unarmed, but clearly the soldier was trying to get away and shoot his pursuers. Continues to notice the lack of blood around the bodies of the dead.

The group decides to take the stair well down the six flights of stairs to the first floor. They use material found on the six floor to create a torch as they notice part of the stairwell is dark. Making their way down they stop on the fifth and fourth floors to collect two extra fire axes. On the third floor the group elected to skip the fire ax, when the group heard movement near the stairwell and the marine was determined no one should investigate, but refused to deliberate on his concerns until they were outside the building. After a brief discussion by the group, the decision was made that they would continue down to the first floor and could potentially return when they are better prepared.

Need to flesh out description.


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