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Thule Gesellschaft Rising

The world changed on March 20th 2014, just before noon when everyone across the globe collapsed. While most recovered within 10-30 minutes, millions across the world died in accidents caused by “the Event.” Many others were found to have lapsed into an unexplained coma, with no medical explanation for the condition. Recovery and investigation began immediately into the cause, and while the recovery effort moved forward and in within a month many disrupted services and roads were clears and operational, though years worth of work would be required for the world to fully recover. While the recovery was moving forward, the investigation was making no progress. No explanation could be found for cause of a world wide collapse.

Just when the world began to believe the recovery would be long but successful, the first reports of the Ghoul Plague began to circulate through news outlets. While many thought the initial video of reanimated dead was a hoax, within days there was no denying the spread of a new unexplained plague. Within days law enforcement and emergency services began to be overwhelmed, and the state and federal government began full mobilization of military forces to move into and control the spread of the plague and civil unrest of the uninfected. As each day passed survivors began to realize that no government agency would be able to help. Many began stockpiling supplies and finding a safe haven to protect themselves from the ghouls on the street.

By the third week of June, world wide infrastructure has collapsed and the number of survivors are thought to be out numbered by the infected. While few survivors realized it was happening, on June 21st, those left in a coma from “the Event” and cared for in medical facilities began to awaken. They awaken to a strange new and dangerous world like nothing they could have ever imagined.

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