Thule Gesellschaft Rising

Unexpected Encounters

June 27, 2014 – Naperville IL

After finishing in the hospital pharmacy, the group headed upstairs to the third floor to the room Tsgt Wright used to recover in while hiding in the hospital. The tense trip up the stairwell and to the room proved to be uneventful. Things began to change very quickly after recovering the stock pile of ammunition the Tsgt left behind. The group first realized that there was twelve biker gang members riding down the street towards the retail area the group had been searching over the last week. Putting the bikers out of their minds for the moment, they decided to continue toward the school for the gear Amy was looking to collect. As the group got ready to leave the room, the power comes back on. They head for the stairwell they originally used to exit the building a week ago. As the group gets to the corner, they realize there we four infected in the hallway. Then things go wrong.



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